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There are many methods of ensuring that pests are eradicated ,you can rely on our fumigation experts to do the job to perfection . We will work on your .budget and make your property free from any flying or crawling insects .

What is fumigation process?

Fumigation is a method used by pest controllers to suffocate, poison and exterminate numerous sorts of pests using lethal gas within enclosed quarters. Pest controllers use it to handle pests in buildings, soil, grain, and produce. There are two way to fumigate a property. One is by sealing every possible loop to ensure the space is airtight using plastic, tape or some other type of sealing material. The other is by enclosing property using a tent like structure.

How much does it cost to fumigate your house?

The price, determined during the booking by the size of your property, includes a single visit to your location and a full move-in or move-out fumigation treatment. As the most straightforward method of pest prevention, fumigation is a long-term investment for a safe, pest-free home.


Fumigation of an office is the best solution to handle widespread insects and pest problems in your office. Imagine you have a business class customer you are closing a deal with all of a sudden Cockroaches runs around your office. Do not wait for such an embarrassing moment? THE SCRUB TEAM CLEANING SERVICES expert’s fumigators will provide an insect pest free office so that you can concentrate on the core business of your activities. Prior to fumigation our teams of experience personnel will inspect and Open all cabinet and furniture drawers and doors to allow the fumigant gas to circulate through these spaces, and unplug any refrigerators or other appliances and leave their doors open as well and our technicians will also provide professional advice to your employees to remove all uneaten food in their drawers.


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