Hello clean fam, readers and customers, its Monday again!!!the most annoying day of the week, its inescapable and annoyingly hectic, trust me , i know!! lol. Hope our homes sparkled all through the weekend ? if yes leave a “Yes ” comment under this post, if “No” leave a comment telling us why. In the past we have cleaned a lot of burnt houses, surprisingly we are good at it , we didn’t realize it was a talent until we recently got a call from our anonymous client ” saying her 5bedroom duplex got burnt” very disheartening and very sad, i do not wish this for anyone.
We have discovered that we have a talent for cleaning burnt houses(even though can be messy sometimes) LOL! call us today for professional cleaning of that burnt house you think is done/overburnt for. Hotline – 09097020988. Email us info@cleanwithatise.com or infoscrubteamcleaningservices@gmail.com .