As you probably know, Fumigation is like flicking a reset button. If you have pests inside your property, fumigation is an effective way to get rid of them. In a single night, you can go from having wall-to-wall bugs to having zero targeted pests. So, when does it become a necessity to employ fumigation?

Reasons to Consider Fumigation

  • If you have pests that are deep inside the walls of your structure, fumigation may be necessary to begin control measures. Fumigation will eradicate all pests that have invaded, and ensure that no pests will be sealed inside when ongoing exterior pest treatments are implemented.
  • When pests get into food, fumigation is often the only way to eradicate them without destroying those goods. That is why fumigation is used in processing plants, warehouses, food plants, and other large facilities.
  • In large pharmaceutical facilities, fumigation can be implemented in a way that is safe for all sensitive materials throughout the structure being treated.
  • Fumigation is ideal when container type treatments can be done. If bugs are infesting individual items, those items can be removed, fumigated, and returned. An example of this would be termites infesting antique furniture, or bed bugs infesting household items.
  • When you need a treatment that doesn’t leave any residual issues and will not damage sensitive materials in your business, fumigation is the right choice.
  • When you need a one-time eradication of targeted pests, fumigation is the right choice. You’re not going to get any long term protection with this treatment option. It is a one-time, quick fix for currently infesting pests.

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