Many people complain about stains on the floor after mopping severally this may be due to wrong mopping techniques, well here are some techniques/steps to follow .


  1. sweep floor to clear it of all debris.
  2. Place wet floor signs throughout the area so they are visible from all points of entry.
  3. Attach your mophead to selected mop handle.
  4. Insert mophead into approved cleaning solution in mop bucket  and wring out excess into dirty water insert.
  5. Flip mop half way through.
  6. Wring out mop into dirty water insert to remove soiled solution to ensure you are mopping with clean solution.
  7. Repeat steps as necessary until floor is clean.
  8. Use a dry mop to quickly dry your floors and reduce the risks of slips and falls.
  9. Remove wet floor signs only after floor is fully dry.

The frequency of mopping your business/house floor depends on traffic. Areas with high traffic or a high risk of dirt and soils (like kitchens) should be mopped more frequently to reduce cross-contamination. 09097020988. wet