STEP 1 .

               Sweep daily.    This removes dirty, food crumbs and other pieces of debris that can accumulate on tile floors.

  • You should also sweep or vacuum the floor before mopping or cleaning it.
  • Run a dry cloth duster or dust mop over the floors after they have been swept



                 Mop the floor with warm water. If the floor doesn’t have stains or require heavy cleaning, running a damp mop over the floor will be sufficient to keep it clean. Cleanse the mop in fresh warm water after mopping one section of the room, and repeat until the entire floor is mopped.

  • For everyday shine, simply run a clean damp dusting cloth over the floor.




         Dry the floor. Whether you use water or water mixed with detergent(preferable our Adez Detergent), run a dry mop over the floor when you’re finished mopping. This will prevent new dirt from quickly accumulating and staining the grout.


           Clean up spills promptly. If you drop a glass of juice or even water, clean it up right away. The longer it stays, the more time it will have to soak into the grout. Dried orange juice and other sugary liquids also tend to become annoyingly sticky.

Clean the dirtier spills with disinfectant. If you pour something   on the ground  , spray a disinfectant directly over the spot and wipe it up right away.

  • If possible, limit the disinfectant to the area where the spill occurred. Strong chemicals may degrade or stain tile flooring




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