I have always found ironing men’s trousers a big deal but when you know the tricks it becomes easy . Many young men find it easy to wear jeans because of convenience but their are some formal occasions trousers are necessary  .

Here are some instructions for easy ironing.



  • Ironing board
  • Iron
  • purified water
  • spray bottle
  • clean trousers


Important Points.

  • Press the iron (pick it up/put it down); do not push it across the clothing.
  • Examine the trousers for stains and remove the stains/dirt BEFORE ironing.  Otherwise you will have a permanent stain.
  • Ironing time is not an exact science — but the rule should be as little time as it takes to press out the wrinkles.  Steam helps a lot.  I start with 2 seconds, then modify the time depending on the fabric thickness and reaction to pressing.
  • Ensure the iron is the correct temperature for your trousers.  For example, wool can easily be damaged by too much heat.  You need to let the iron cool and make sure it is set correctly when ironing trousers after doing shirts (which are normally made from cotton and thus need a higher temperature setting).  For this reason I always recommend ironing your trousers before ironing your shirt


There are 3 parts into 10 steps.

Part 1 – Set up.

A.  Double Check Your Temperature and Trouser Cleanliness

Check the trousers for stains or dirt and remove before ironing.  Next check the label, and ensure the iron is set for that type of fabric.


When ironing a blended fabric, choose the lowest (coolest) setting of the two fabrics.  If you are ironing a 70% wool/polyester blend, you would start at 3 and maybe go up to a 4.  Lower temperatures will take longer to set a crease, but they are less likely to damage your pants.


Step 2: Iron the Linings of the Pockets


B. Most trousers have inside pocket linings. Although no one will ever see these, if they are wrinkled/rough and you wear your trousers close fitted, the wrinkles might be visible.  Prevent this by smoothing out the lining.  Note that linings are often made from cotton. You might have to start with a hotter temperature if you are ironing wool trousers, and then let the iron cool for 5 minutes before pressing the rest of the pants.

Step 3: Iron the Waistband and Top Part of the Trouser


Turn front pockets out and then press the iron on the top of the leg.  Lift the iron up, reinsert the pocket, and continue to press along the top of the trouser.


Move to the seat of the trousers, and pull out the back pockets.  press these areas and then move up to the waistband.

Finally, move to the opposite front side of the pants, turning the pocket inside out and repeating the process.

Part 2 Pressing Your Trousers’ Creases

Step 4: Mark the Trouser Crease at the Bottom

Lay the trousers flat on the ironing board with the cuffs right at one end, waist draped over the far end. The waist can hang off a bit if the board is short.

Flip a trouser leg up and off the board so that you’re working with just one leg, and lay it flat on the board. Look inside the cuff and find the two seams.



Spray the cuff with a bit of water and press down gently on each side of the trouser leg. This should leave a visible crease at the cuff and an inch or two up the leg.


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